Company Profile

The company was formed by Sango Ntsaluba, Thabiso Tlelai and Peter Moyo. Old Mutual Life Assurance Company is the only institutional investor in the Group. A sister company, NMT Group (Pty) Ltd, previously known as Amabubesi Capital (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2008 as part of the growth strategy. 

Since its inception, NMT Capital (Pty) Ltd has channelled its entrepreneurial spirit and flair into attracting investments that have significant growth potential.

We pride ourselves in having created value for our shareholders, stakeholders and funding partners. 


To become an international company that responsibly invests in, and actively assists companies to grow the net worth of investors and shareholders in a sustainable manner.


A top of mind group substantially contributing to a better tomorrow for all stakeholders through individual and collective Economic Empowerment in South Africa and beyond.

Behaviour values


Integrity lies at the base of all values. By it we mean that we shall be open and honest, subscribe to a high level of ethics, meet deadlines and ensure accurate information and reports.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect at all levels is key to a positive culture. This entails being courteous, tolerant, humble, valuing diversity and having a desire to seek consensus.


We shall strive for the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of service and quality by being consistent, punctual and innovative in our quest for personal and company excellence and growth.

Team work

In working together, we achieve more than in working by ourselves. We recognise that everyone is unique, and the combination of those unique skills in working towards common goals secures better results.


We shall take responsibility for our roles, actions and personal growth, and be accountable in ensuring the highest level of cooperation and performance and partaking in our success.

Positive work environment

We encourage a positive and harmonious work environment, and believe that whilst working hard, we can try and maintain an element of fun. We enjoy achieving, working and interacting with each other, and sharing the rewards of our success. Commitment and passion are essential.

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